New online survey calculator for commercial property

Published October 10th, 2017

Getting the right survey and property condition advice is essential when leasing or purchasing commercial property.

Choosing the right survey is crucial and to help Berrys has launched a new survey calculator. This innovative decision-making tool on Berrys’ website  guides visitors through a series of questions, providing them with an answer as to which survey they need.

John Rivett, partner and chartered surveyor at Berrys’ Kettering office, helped design the tool keeping it easy to use and suitable for both residential and commercial property buyers.

“No other surveyor has a tool like it and we are hoping it will help people make the right decisions for their particular property,” he said.

The tool will calculate and recommend the most appropriate survey based on criteria such as location, property type, age and condition and whether it is for purchase or lease.

The answers are confidential but visitors have the option to provide a contact form with their information so they can receive a call back from Berrys with further details or a quote.

“Acquiring a commercial property is a big step and this new tool will give people confidence in their decisions over the reports they need,” said John.

As a registered RICS Chartered Building Surveyors, Berrys offers the following surveys for commercial property:

– Schedule of condition: Records the condition of a property. If you are leasing a commercial property it may be possible to limit your repairs and maintenance liability by investing in a detailed schedule of condition prior to occupying the building. This report will contain photographs and detailed descriptions to ensure that the tenant won’t be required to return the property back in a higher standard than it was when originally let. This should help avoid expensive dilapidation charges when you come to leave.

– Pre-acquisition Building Survey: A detailed report on the condition of a particular building, highlighting defects and detailing future maintenance which should be allowed for. A commercial survey will pick up statutory requirements like asbestos and electrical testing that wouldn’t be relevant to residential property. If you are leasing a property and concerned about the condition, this report will highlight issues the landlord needs to fix before you take it on.

For more information contact John Rivett at the Kettering office of Berrys on 01536 213161 email try the new online survey calculator at

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More about John Rivett

BSc (Hons) MRICS
Chartered Surveyor
Tel: 01536 213161
Mobile: 07973 297824

John qualified from De Montfort University, with first class honours, in 2001. John became a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 2005.

John enjoys a diverse caseload with his main areas of interest being dilapidations, building surveys, project management and landlord and tenant work. John became a partner of Berrys in 2015 following the merger of BNE & Berrys.