Wide range of grants available for rural businesses.

Published January 9th, 2018

A wide variety of grants are available for farmers in Shropshire, offering support to set up new rural businesses or to help existing businesses to expand.

For businesses located in South Shropshire, a new round of LEADER funding will open in early February 2018 offering 40 per cent funding up to a maximum of £40,000.

“This could fund the purchase of new, innovative machinery or help to build improved slurry storage facilities, for example,” said Harriet Matthews, a surveyor with Berrys at Shrewsbury.

“This is a two-stage process, with an initial Expression of Interest submitted to Shropshire Council before being invited to submit a full application if the project is accepted for the grant with further supporting evidence.”

For larger projects, the RDPE Countryside Growth Programme offers funding for Business Development, Food Processing and Rural Tourism Infrastructure. This again offers 40 per cent but at a minimum of £35,000, or £20,000 for those outside the Southern Shropshire LEADER area.

“This is for larger projects that create additional jobs, grow the business, use innovative technology, open new product markets and, where applicable, develop tourist attractions to extend the tourism season,” Harriet explained.

“This is again a two-stage process, with an initial Expression of Interest submitted to the RPA before being invited to submit a full application with further supporting evidence.”

More agricultural businesses may find the RDPE Countryside Productivity grants for Adding Value to Agri-Food, Improving Farm Productivity and Improving Forestry Productivity more attractive.

These are again for a maximum of 40 per cent funding, or minimum of £35,000, and are targeted at projects that improve productivity, enhance resilience to market changes, introduce innovation, grow the business and encourage collaboration between businesses.

“This is a single stage full application process to the RPA,” Harriet said.

Berrys offers support in relation to all the above grants and has staff available to discuss your project, advise which grant funding will be most suitable and guide you through the application process.

Harriet Matthews can be contacted at the Shrewsbury office of Berrys on 01743 267067 or email

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More about Harriet Matthews

Chartered Surveyor
Tel: 01743 267067
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Harriet joined the Shrewsbury office in July 2017 having qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 2013 and as a Fellow of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers in 2014. Coming from a farming background, Harriet completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Rural Enterprise and Land Management at Harper Adams University and has over 5 years’ experience working within the rural property sector, with a focus on rural estate management.

In addition, Harriet also has particular experience of valuations (for both secured lending and private clients), compulsory purchase and compensation, landlord and tenant matters (both agricultural and residential) and environmental stewardship schemes.