Most applications for HS2 hardship compensation are failing

Published January 21st, 2015

Householders likely to be affected by the proposed HS2 high speed rail network are being urged to seek advice before applying for compensation or they could be left out of pocket.

Government statistics just released show that the majority of applications for the HS2 Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS) are being rejected.

Application figures for EHS up to January 1, 2015 reveal that of the 158 applications received only 36 per cent of applications (57) were accepted for compensation while 73 applications were rejected.

A total of 53 offers have already been accepted by the applicants and 40 purchases have been completed with a total value of £19,201,133.

Chartered surveyor Arran Dixon, HS2 specialist with Berrys at Northwich in Cheshire, is concerned that some property owners may have been rejected because they failed to present sufficient information.

“The Exceptional Hardship Scheme is for property owners near the proposed route of the high speed rail link who have an urgent need to sell, perhaps because they are changing jobs for example,” Arran said.

“The scheme will enable the owner to sell to the government at its open market value as if HS2 wasn’t going to be built – the ‘unblighted’ value.

“Certain criteria have to be met and it is imperative that householders seek advice so that all the necessary information is included to give the application the best possible chance of success,” he said.

The EHS may apply if:

you live in a property near to the proposed Phase 2 HS2 route
you haven’t been able to sell your property at its market value because of HS2
you bought your property before January 28, 2013
you need to sell your property urgently otherwise would suffer ‘exceptional hardship’, eg you need to move to work
“If you think you are eligible please contact us or if you have had an application rejected as we may be able to resubmit it or advise or other compensation schemes,” he said.

For advice on HS2, contact Arran Dixon at Berrys on 01606 818962 email



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