75% bridging payment for those still awaiting BPS monies

Published February 21st, 2017

A 75% bridging payment will be made available for those still awaiting BPS monies at the end of March, the Secretary of State has announced.

The news came as Andrea Leadsom took to the stand at NFU Conference 2017, Birmingham, in front of a packed hall of 1,500 delegates.

Ms Leadsom said: “Nearly 86,000 farmers are eligible for BPS payments, and for some of you, it makes up as much as 70% of your bottom line. I understand how important these payments are to you.

“I have this week secured agreement from the treasury to offer a 75% bridging payment to all those still affected by the BPS delay at the end of March.”

The Secretary of State said that, as of NFU Conference, 95.5% of farmers have received their 2016 BPS money, but she will continue to push for those 4,000 farmers still left behind.

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