Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

If your property or land is affected by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) specialist advice should be obtained at the earliest possible date to confirm your rights and to ensure you are compensated correctly for any immediate or future loss.

We benefit from having represented landowners and acquiring authorities and understand the importance to both parties of claims arising from CPO action.  The combined experience of our surveyors provides us with an insight and the necessary skills to manage negotiations effectively to ensure the correct outcome.

In many cases, the acquiring  authority will pay the fees of the agent, enabling you to benefit from sound professional advice at no cost.

When acting for clients faced with compulsory purchase acquisition, we always seek ways in which clients can best protect their interests and, where possible, identify any opportunities by which clients may benefit.

When acting for acquiring authorities, we adopt a proactive approach which is in the client’s best interest. This can include negotiating the purchase of property interests by agreement, and advising on improvements and accommodation works in order to mitigate adverse effects.

We identify the importance of making early representation. It is vital to have a clear and professional approach to ensure that the interests of landowners are fully protected.

The assessment of compensation is ultimately the most important factor within a compulsory purchase scheme.

Claims are professionally prepared by our Chartered Surveyors and supported with detailed evidence.

Our experienced specialists are well equipped to advise on every aspect of the claim procedure.

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