Dispute Resolution


Disputes are a sad but inevitable fact of life in all walks of life, but especially in the rural sector where the high land values of recent years combined with falling incomes have led to considerable growth in the demand for dispute resolution.

Chartered surveyors who specialise in this area of professional work need both experience and expertise; our dispute resolution team has both, ranging from arbitration and appearance at court and public enquiries as expert witnesses, to the newer disciplines of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


Three partners, Matt Anwyl, Paul Pridmore and Mark Morison are qualified arbitrators and are appointed in a range of statutory disputes under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 and contractual disputes such as those arising from farm partnership dissolution

Expert Determination

The resolution of contractual disputes by expert determination is now a statutory alternative to arbitration and both Paul Pridmore and Matt Anwyl are accredited Experts


Paul Pridmore is an RICS accredited Mediator for the resolution of property based dispute

Expert Witness

Witnesses who have professional expertise are required to give evidence in disputes which are heard in courts, arbitrations and other tribunals. At Berrys our experts cover a wide range of rural, residential and commercial properties, assisting in the resolution of disputes such as divorce and partnership dissolution which involve property based assets. We are frequently required to provide court appointed Single Joint Experts.


The presentation of a case before an arbitrator, for example in a rent review, may not merit the expense of a barrister or solicitor. Our advocates, who are chartered surveyors, have the experience and the training to do so in a cost effective manner.


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