Land/Topographic Surveying

Whether you are planning a new development, designing building/civil engineering work, gathering asset information or looking to resolve a land boundary issue, our bespoke chartered land surveying service can provide you with the topographical survey data you require. We will work with you to agree a tailored surveying service scope to suit your needs. With Berrys having a planning consultancy, our surveys will also include the required details for planning applications.  Having a Chartered Land Surveyor, we can also provide boundary surveying, admissible to the Land Registry, or as part of our boundary dispute resolution service.

We use the latest Leica Total Stations and GPS SmartRovers to accurately map ground features and levels. We can also accurately survey heights of building roofs or very tall features.  Our surveys are processed in LSS software and drawings produced in both 2D or 3D AutoCAD to suit your specific requirements. Topographic or ‘topo’ surveys can be produced as plans (with contours) and cross sections, as required.  All surveys can be indexed to O.S. National Grid and Datum levels if required. We can also carry out underground utility/drainage surveys using a range of technologies to accurately locate and trace buried cables, pipes and service ducts.

Jon Tarrant - Land/Topographic Surveying | Berrys
BSc (Hons) MRICS
Land Surveyor
Tel: 01743 239027
Mobile: 07384 257294