Consider the environment to future proof property investment

Published November 5th, 2019

Owners, operators and investors in the property sector should consider the environment when making decisions about their buildings in the future.

The built sector accounts for 30 per cent of global carbon emissions, 40 per cent of global energy consumption and 40 per cent of global resource consumption so action needs to be taken now to mitigate climate change.

Leading climate scientists say to keep global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, carbon pollution needs to be cut by 45% by 2030 and down to zero by 2050.

“Sustainability is the key word for the building sector,” said Simon Priscott, Property Management Consultant at the Berrys Oxford office.

“Thinking about climate change and how buildings can be improved to reduce their carbon footprint will be beneficial for the environment and for everyone associated with property – landlords, investors and tenants.”

According to sustainability advisory business Longevity Partners, property owners and investors who fail to consider the environment are putting their property investments at risk.

Taking action, on the other hand, will improve building management and performance, reduce costs and bring new technology and income streams and access to green capital to the benefit of all stakeholders.

So what can be done? Energy efficiency can be improved in existing buildings using modern technology and new developments should be designed for operational performance and include the highest specification for energy efficiency. All buildings should be monitored to track progress and meet environmental and sustainability targets.

“Global warming is a challenge but by thinking about sustainability now we can future poof longer term income benefits to investors, de-risk assets and boost occupancy rates and rents for landlords while occupiers should benefit from operational cost reduction and increased staff productivity,” Simon added.

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More about Simon Priscott

Property Management Consultant
Tel: 01865 953181
Mobile: 07879 642386

Following 7 years working in the property and healthcare sectors in the Middle East, Simon returned to England in 1997 in order to take over the management of several property portfolios that belonged to high net worth UK and overseas clients and that were seen as performing below their potential. Initially trading as Portland Property Management the company incorporated in 2011 and is now Portland Oxford Limited.

The portfolios under Simon’s sole management consist of properties in over 40 locations across England with 170 different tenancies and a rent roll currently registering approximately £4.7M. Since the 2008 downturn there have been few voids – far fewer than the national average – and at the time of writing there are no vacancies within any portfolio under Portland’s management. In recent years the focus has been to unlock value in under-utilised upper parts and, working closely with many of the Berrys’ team, enormous success has been achieved in locations such as Liverpool, Bolton, Derby, Dorking, Bristol and Kingston upon Thames.

Since 1997, Simon has spent a lot of time focusing on the expansion of the portfolios through careful investment and has always taken great care to safeguard those assets already under management. As already touched on, since 2008 the focus has shifted to unlocking value within existing holdings whilst aiming to alleviate or reduce risk where at all possible.

Portland Oxford administer a block all-risks buildings insurance policy in conjunction with one of the world’s largest brokers and is FCA-registered and compliant. Simon prides himself on the systems and reporting procedures he has developed over the years and on always striving to deliver a service beyond client expectations.

Simon joined Berrys as a property management consultant in June 2016.