Go-ahead given for first chicken litter fuelled biomass boiler in Herefordshire

Published November 3rd, 2015

A chicken litter fuelled biomass boiler is to be installed in north Herefordshire, the first of its type to get planning consent in the county.

The planning permission for the boiler to be installed on the poultry farm near Bodenham was achieved by Berrys working with another county firm, Energy Innovations, and will bring huge benefits to the farm and the local environment.

“This technologically advanced installation will reduce the spreading of the poultry litter and the potential run off from the fields in the surrounding area whilst providing the farmer with free fuel  to power the poultry unit, replacing natural gas and woodchip,” explained Ben Corbett, partner at the Hereford office of Berrys at Kinnersley.

“This is the first of a number of possibilities in Herefordshire for these combined heat and power chicken litter burners which will usually utilise all of the chicken litter generated on the unit to heat and power the site.

“The technology has huge benefits for the wider environment as chicken litter will no longer need to be stored and spread away from the farm . This will reduce the traffic to and from the site moving the litter and also the wood chip previously bought in to fuel the old biomass burner which the new unit will replace,” he said.

The ash produced in much reduced quantities from the new burner will be spread on the land and will be rich in nutrients but without the ammonia and nitrogen of poultry litter.

chicken litter biomass boiler from Energy Innovations

chicken litter biomass boiler from Energy Innovations

The new biomass boiler will be able to take in excess 4,000 tonnes of poultry litter to utilise all the manure from the farm’s 450,000 broilers.

“Chicken litter can be a material that presents every increasing challenges for its safe and sustainable application on the land  so utilising it on-site is of great benefit to the whole environment,” said Ben who managed the project through the planning process without a hiccup.

“Energy Innovations had undertaken all the research and emissions testing of the boiler and that information was presented to the planning authority Hereford Council,” he said.

“With bigger broiler sites this is definitely a way forward many producers could consider.  It enhances the value of the poultry manure and increases the sustainability of poultry farming,” he added.

For further information please contact Ben Corbett at the Hereford office of Berrys on 01544 598080 or email

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