Fixed fee energy audit with money back satisfaction promise

Published January 20th, 2015

Despite falling oil prices, energy costs can still amount to 25 per cent of fixed costs on farms, significantly affecting bottom line profits.

But there are ways to reduce these costs and business consultants at Berrys are offering a Fixed Fee Energy audit to ascertain the best value systems for the business.

The audit will assess:

• Current supply contracts – to establish if lower rates can be achieved.

• Current consumption and usage profiles.

• Voltage on site and potential savings.

• Opportunities for generation.

• Current heat demand – looking at floor area of a building and current heating costs.

• Current diesel costs and opportunities for savings.


• Opportunities to install renewable heating systems – financials for different technologies.

“Following a site visit, we will prepare a report detailing a number of ways to provide savings on current energy bills and a number of options for renewable generation to provide income,” explained James Fulton of Berrys.

“If our recommendations do not provide £500 of savings or additional value per year we will refund the £500 fee charged for the report.”

Berrys recently conducted an audit on a Staffordshire dairy farm using more than £1,000 of electricity a month with half hourly metering which revealed peak usage of around 30kW.

By changing when certain equipment was turned on and off Berrys was able to recommend a 30kW solar PV installation. This meant that 90 per cent of the electricity was used on site and offered an improved return on investment compared to a 50kW system where more power would have to be exported.

For an investment of £38,000, electricity bills have been reduced by more than £3,000 per year and the Feed in Tariff generates a further £4,000 per year.

The energy audit also identified incoming voltage issues which cost £2,000 to rectify but reduced the electricity bill by a further £1,000 per year.

For further information, contact James Fulton at the Kettering office of Berrys on 01536 532386 or Kamil Ciesluk on 01536 532394.

Alternatively, download a printable guide here.

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