Meet the people behind Berrys – Kevin O’Dell

Published March 20th, 2017

This week we are interviewing Kevin O’Dell who has recently joined our commercial property team in the Kettering office. Prior to that he worked for BNE, before its merger with Berrys in 2015. Kevin’s expertise lies within the commercial sector and specialises in property sales and lettings across the Northamptonshire and further afield…

What does a normal day at in your job look like?
I’m still relatively new to the Berrys team, but at the moment a typical day would begin with a viewing before heading into the office and checking my calendar for the day. Between property and industry research, valuations and preparing adverts for publications, my mornings tend to fly by. After a quick client progress meeting I would dash out of the office, sandwich in hand, for a lunchtime meeting with a potential client. Pre-visit research is incredibly important to my role – I find out as much as I can about the unit, including applications, planning consent and previous offers made on the property, so that I can be prepared for any questions the client may ask. If an offer is made, I head up the negotiations between applicant and client, and ensure that this progresses smoothly.

Being out of the office a lot means having to juggle office-based tasks and responding to emails and customer queries as quickly and efficiently as possible – combined with drop-in clients at the office, this can mean a manic afternoon of typing and conversations, but it is worth it when a deal is agreed before the end of the day!

Within the industry flexibility is a must, so evening viewings are also a common part of my day.

What is the one tip you would give to someone looking to buy a commercial property?
Find an agent who genuinely cares about the industry. The property market isn’t quite adrenaline-filled, but I for one get a great buzz when agreeing deals for clients and when a client entrusts me with their sale. I think this excitement fuels the process – clients get more for their money and the applicant gets a seamless experience. Also try to choose a ‘one stop shop’ that can be utilised for anything property-related, as your needs may change in the future.

You returned from a career in the police back to working in commercial property – what attracted you back?
During my two years as a response officer based out of Kettering I worked a 5-week shift pattern, including night shifts. Although the mid-week days off were nice, I only had two weekends in five with my family.

I’d spent many nights stood in the rain at a road traffic collision, scrapping with an offender outside pubs and bars and climbing garden fences searching for burglars. I’ve seen the darker side of society and more poverty than most of us will thankfully never encounter in our lives.

This made me realise how lucky I was previously to have an office-based job with regular hours. I still get to deal with members of the public, which I enjoy, but in a slightly more positive way!

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Kevin joined Berrys in March 2017 to work within the commercial property team.

Kevin will be a familiar face to many people as he was previously a part of BNE, before its merger with Berrys in 2015.   After spending time working in the police, Kevin has returned to surveying and will work in our Kettering office alongside Simon Parsons and Chris Noble, developing commercial property sales and lettings across Northamptonshire and the wider East Midlands.