Meet the people behind Berrys – Darren Pape

Published March 28th, 2017

This week we are interviewing Darren Pape, the latest addition to our Kettering team. Darren, who studied at the University of the West of England, graduated with a Master’s degree in Real Estate Management. He has a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential property and also provides valuation advice to both private and public sector clients. In his spare time Darren is a keen cycler and last year he cycled from Carcassone to Barcelona via Port d’Envalira in just four days…

What does a normal day at Berrys look like?
I like to arrive at my first appointment as early as possible but a typical day in the office usually starts around 8.30am with coffee beckoning. I’ll read emails and deal with those which require simple responses before tackling the most pressing matters first, which might be an email that has come in overnight or writing a report. I’m currently dealing with a number of valuation, lease advisory and rating cases and my day is typically spent reading leases, writing reports and analysing comparable evidence in order to provide quality advice to our clients and achieve the best possible outcomes for them in negotiations.

Have you got any funny/unusual stories that you’ve come across in your career so far?
Part of my job often involves inspecting properties that have been vacant for extended periods. Such building harbour many perils to which one has to be aware. On one occasion, a colleague and I inspected a vacant collection of buildings forming part of an old farm complex that had most recently been used by a canine security firm and was arranged as kennels and offices. Part way through the inspection we opened a door to find a vagrant cooking his breakfast on a camping stove.

While traditionally investors have considered residential property as the first option, commercial property has become an increasingly lucrative option.  Do you have any recommendations for anyone considering this area as an investment?
The most important piece of advice for anyone that has no experience of investing in commercial property is to take professional advice before committing to a purchase. Price is affected by many factors, including, among other things, the condition of the property and its location, together with the nature and security of the income stream, the financial standing of the tenant and the terms of the lease. If a property looks cheap, there is often a reason why and Berrys will provide quality advice as to the strengths and weaknesses of the potential investment with regards to the value and condition of the property and potential for alternative uses depending on the client’s requirements. We can also provide a full management service.

Your cycling challenge this year was pretty impressive, completing 300km in just four days. Do you have any other challenges planned?
I’m riding with the Green Army again this year to raise money for Bloodwise, with Berrys making a generous donation as a shirt sponsor. We leave Geneva on 28 June and arrive in Milan four days and some 323 miles later. If this is not challenging enough, I haven’t been able to train properly over recent months so I’m hoping for some sunshine as I put the miles in over the coming weeks. If anyone wishes to make a donation, we have a Just Giving page at, remembering to use Gift Aid.