Meet the people behind Berrys – Ben Corbett

Published October 25th, 2016

This week we are interviewing Ben Corbett, who has been a partner at Berrys since October 2013. Prior to Berrys, Ben has worked for one of the UK’s largest farm management companies and Savills. Ben is also a member of the RICS and a registered valuer.

What makes Berrys different in your opinion?
At Berrys we like to get behind the original question and understand the whole context of why and how we have been asked to look at an issue so we don’t offer advice in isolation.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?
Working with a wide range of different clients. Every client has different expectations and objectives. The challenge is coming up with bespoke solutions in a world where “one size doesn’t fit all” in order to meet client objectives.

What notable changes in the industry have you seen over the years?
The rate of change that increases the need for farmers, land and property owners to get current advice and react to those changes to future proof these businesses

What are your expectations for the industry over the next 10 years?
I expect there to be significant changes in the agriculture in response to Brexit and the many unanswered questions that are still emerging.  I expect there to be many more joint ventures, contracting agreements and farmers looking at different ways to manage their land.

What should be taken into consideration when buying a rural property?
What are their objective in buying the property? There probably isn’t the perfect property but with the right advice and assistance can the property be invested in to create all the features that they want.

Any other tips you can give to potential clients?
When you are looking to the future for your business, set some long term aims and objectives that are achievable. Regularly review those aims and objectives to make sure your decisions and investment is meeting those aims and objectives both in the short term and longer term. Talk to advisors regularly to make sure your evolving aims and objectives meet current guidelines and legal regimes. – Keep abreast of the ever evolving changing environment.