MIPIM 2019 Moments

Published March 19th, 2019

Last week Berrys headed to MIPIM, the world’s leading property market event of the year. There was plenty going on inside at the major business investment conference and leading network event. Representing Berrys was – Stuart Thomas, Berrys’ head of planning, Simon Parson, head of commercial agency and Simon Priscott, property management consultant. An exciting and enriching week of meetings and conferences, it was the first year that Berrys attended, supporting the likes of Midlands UK and their bid to bring new business to the region. This is part of a wider commitment to help, “engage the future”, and support investment opportunities in our major cities, towns and rural areas.

The 4-day conference included 43 events, 100 speakers and £11bn of investment opportunities. A strong focus of the event was on growth and investment across the Midlands region. The region is thriving and has become a great place to do business. Berrys were present as a partner with Shropshire Council are were proud to be assisting in developing Shropshire’s heritage and growth ambitions.

Day 1 highlights:

The highlights from the first day included a series of Midlands UK talks; including a presentation with Mark Barrow, Director of Shropshire Council and Robin Morris Director of Morris Property. We heard from a number of other Council’s in the region and some great opportunities for investment across the region.

The inspiring Ban Ki-moon presentation made for a great start, linking directly to the 2019 theme, “engaging the future”, global sustainability and the role of partnerships and cities.

Day 2 highlights:

The core focus of the 2ndday was housing, a very interesting day that was kicked off in the Midlands tent, talking with key representatives about how growth can be achieved across the region. With a discussion on HS2 opportunities, planning and its impact across the West Midlands.

The team then moved on to a council presentation with key partners in Shropshire. This was followed by some interesting meetings with Herefordshire Council, looking at particular investment, enterprise and growth opportunities in this region, a particular focus on the new Hereford University expansion.

Day 3 highlights:

A strong Shropshire focus for the 3rdday, listening to some great presentations in regards to investment in the county. We heard a lot about Shrewsbury and Oswestry investment opportunities, along with Manchester, London, East Midlands and Coventry regions, explaining how they are making the most of growth and investment opportunities.

Some exciting meetings and partnerships, drawing heavily upon the strengths that lie in the agricultural and rural economy, which Berrys strongly supports.

We are the market leader in the agricultural technology in Shropshire, with our unrivalled local knowledge of the region.

Thank you to all of our partners who supported this momentous event. Berrys are proud to be assisting in the growth ambitions and development in the midland’s, the region is thriving and has become a great place to do business. If you would like to discuss more property investment opportunities, please get in touch with one of our specialists today.