Meet the people behind Berrys – Duncan Batty

Published August 31st, 2016

This week we are interviewing Duncan Batty, Registered Valuer and also a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

What does a normal day at Berrys look like?
On a day-to-day basis my time is split between first meeting or speaking with clients and applicants including investors, developers, high net worth individuals, landowners and businesses. Then secondly, trying to get deals completed, securing new business and marketing of our current properties. I also advise my clients on all aspects of development consultancy and investment agency.

What makes Berrys different in your opinion?
Berrys are a successful multi-disciplinary firm dealing with all aspects of commercial, residential and agricultural property across the Midlands. We have the knowledge and expertise to satisfy clients’ challenging and varied requirements and our chartered surveyors, planners and business consultants can assist across all sectors of the market.

What aspect do you enjoy most about your work?
The most enjoyable aspect of my job is not just achieving my client’s expectations but surpassing them with the service that I provide. Whether this involves a sale or letting of a commercial property, acquisition or a development project, I always fully understand my client and their objectives so that I can provide a comprehensive service. It is very rewarding to speak with a satisfied client and build a strong personal relationship.

Have you got any funny/unusual stories that you’ve come across in your career at Berrys? Doing this job I do often find myself in unavoidable and unusual situations including being locked inside a commercial property, alarms activated which I was not made aware of and being accosted by unfriendly neighbours but my personal favourite was arriving at a property only to find that the property was an institution for extracurricular activities! Needless to say, an inspection of the property was rather difficult and my arrival may have come as a bit of a shock!

What was your smallest / largest valuation?
The largest valuation that I have undertaken since being with Berrys is a property portfolio on behalf of a national charity. The portfolio included assets located across the country and across all sectors. The assets totalled in excess of £10,000,000 and most were highly unusual in their nature and therefore required adopting complex and difficult valuation techniques.

What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement to date is passing my Assessment of Professional Competence to become a chartered surveyor. I believe that my hard work, passion for what I do and ability to thrive under pressure and in difficult situations led me to obtaining chartered status and passing the very difficult assessment first time around.

What do you need to look out for when buying /renting a commercial property?
When buying or renting a commercial property there are numerous pitfalls to avoid. The best advice I can give is to engage with me or one of my colleagues as soon as possible so that we can best represent your interests and advise you. Something which is often overlooked or not considered is taking and maintaining good professional advice!

Have you got any unique property in your portfolio?
I am currently dealing with a varied commercial property portfolio that ranges from circa 900,000 sq. ft. of design and build opportunities to large distribution warehouses to retail kiosk units and offices as small as approximately 300 sq. ft.

Any other tips you can give to our clients?
It is important at the outset of an instruction that I am provided with as much information as possible relating to an asset. During the course of a property sale I am sometimes provided with new information that may be considered insignificant, however this may prove detrimental in achieving the client’s objective. A recent example of this was a site with an unregistered Right of Way across the middle of the property, which was only disclosed to us once a sale had been agreed. This had a significant bearing on the value of the site but after careful negotiation a sale did proceed at a price the client was very happy with.

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