The rise of the Pop-Up Shop

Published May 2nd, 2017

Pop-up retail has taken the UK high street by storm over recent years and the industry is estimated to be worth £2.3 Billion accounting for approximately 0.75% of all retail turnover. The sector employs over 25,000 people and now stores differ little in appearance from their more permanent neighbours. With the onset of business rates increases and retailer closures this sector of the market is set to flourish.

Ecommerce companies looking to test their offerings offline make up a sizeable proportion of the pop-up phenomenon as do many independent brands and cautious start-ups who wish to trial their concepts prior to taking on long-term commitments.

Big name retailers are also seizing the opportunity and are using physical stores as a show room rather than as a selling space. Many product lines still require interaction with the consumer even if they will ultimately be purchased online. Traditional stores are coming to grips with the need to focus on the consumer’s experience rather than just the product.

Even luxury brands such as Porsche have opened pop-up outlets. Their installation in the Liverpool One shopping centre occupies 3,000 sq ft and is designed to ‘immerse visitors in the Porsche brand’.

The retail landscape is evolving and for many having a permanent footprint on the high street is not as important as building brand awareness whilst exploiting the efficiencies of being an online brand.