Apprentices celebrate National Apprenticeship week

Published February 4th, 2020

It’s National Apprenticeship week and Berrys has three apprentices on the Chartered Surveyor (Rural) Degree Apprenticeship course at Harper Adams University.

Here they share their experiences of working and learning as they make their journey towards becoming chartered surveyors.

Maisie Evans, surveyor at the Shrewsbury office of Berrys, has been working on a range of projects including valuation of properties, land management (including tenancies, leases and licences), property sales, Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship and RDPE Growth Grant funding.

She chose the apprenticeship route as she was a practical learner and found she adjusted to working life fairly quickly after finishing her A levels.

“I think a happy work environment has helped me settle into my role with ease,” she said.  “My colleagues are supportive and happy to go through tasks with me. They are always willing to advise me on how to approach assignments and offer revision techniques to help me achieve the best possible marks.”

She also enjoys going to Harper Adams and being a student for a week, meeting other apprentices and sharing experiences.

Thomas Saunders, surveyor at Berrys Towcester office, is working in a range of areas including valuation, compulsory purchase and compensation and planning and development projects. Thomas chose the apprenticeship route for the work experience advantage it offers but says balancing work with studies can be a challenge.

“I like to have a structured day and this requires planning and good organisation. I have noticed the experience has changed me from simply being accountable to myself during my school days to now being accountable to clients on a daily basis.

“I am constantly learning in the workplace and it is a great environment to be involved within. Every day is different.”

He says at Harper Adams University every student is there to work hard and also build a good set of friends and it’s a chance for networking.

“I have already found myself contacting apprentice surveyors I have met at Harper Adams from different firms for work purposes.”

Megan Rogers came into apprenticeship with a BTEC in Agriculture and is currently part of Berrys’ rural business team at the Kettering office helping farmers with budgeting, financial forecasting, tenancies, licences and assisting with valuations such as stock takes and comparable evidence. She also has the opportunity to work in other departments including planning, lettings and professional services.

She says being able to put the theory into practice is essential for her learning and development although she found it challenging at first to balance work and university life.

“I’d definitely promote apprenticeships to anyone who looking to go onto further education. I would advise them do their research before choosing an employer as they will be with them for a long time.

“Preferably complete some work experience before signing any long term contracts, to ensure you will be happy in your workplace.”

Thomas also advises students to try a week’s work experience with the firm they hope to work with first to get an understanding of the office environment and type of work.

Maisie recommends getting as broad a role as possible to gain a wide variety of experiences.

“Make sure you use your time effectively,” she says. “Getting a head start on assignments is always useful. Leaving your entire assignment until the last minute is a no go because you never what you are going to get given at work that week and your employer will be expecting good marks.”

Maisie, Thomas and Megan started their apprenticeship last summer and after five years will qualify with an honours degree and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Assessment of Professional Competence.

For further details about apprenticeships at Berrys contact Hannah Eaton, HR Advisor on 01743 290649 email


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