At Berrys, we can now offer practical cross compliance and environmental advice for your farming business. Our specialist services can be tailored to your requirements and include:

  • A fixed fee annual Farm Business Audit
  • Nutrition management plans
  • Assurance scheme pre-audits
  • Agri-environment scheme audits
  • Farm drainage plans
  • Environmental permitting advice/applications
  • Mobile plant deployment applications
  • Pollution prevention advice

The fixed fee annual Farm Business Audit will include a full audit of current records and support to ensure they are compliant, a farm inspection and advice on all relevant aspects of cross compliance/assurance schemes. We can also give advice on environmental issues and help with any improvements necessary before inspections.

With the CAP reform being finalised, it has never been as important for farmers to ensure record keeping is up to date in order to be compliant with the requirements going forward from May 2015. As ‘greening’ is an annual test, farmers will need to ensure they are compliant each year with the three crop rule and the EFA requirement.

Under cross compliance rules for 2015 , all current requirements will remain until 31/12/2014. The key changes will include hedge cutting; no trimming between 1st March and 31st August, the Soil Protection Review will be replaced with three new GAEC (Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition)s to cover soil management responsibilities and GAEC 11 and 12 will be removed and there will be a new focus on farm boundaries under GAEC 7.

Environmental permits are another specialist area that we can help with. We have experience in advising which permit is needed and helping with the application to regulatory guidance and legal interpretation and the transfer and surrender of existing permits.

All visits are carried out by an experienced FACTS qualified ex. Environmental Agency officer who understands farming and the practical implications of cross compliance whilst being flexible and recognising that no two farms are the same.

William Tongue -
Business Consultant
01536 532385
Guy Banham -
Head of Business Consultancy
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Tom Harris -
Chartered Surveyor
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